Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers

An affiliate of Viet Labour (Free Viet Labour Federation)


Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers (CPVW)

CPVW was formed by Vietnamese expatriates at a conference in Warsaw in October 2006. Its aim is to assist Vietnamese workers who fight for their rights and entitlements. Below are its major achievements, and on the next page is further information on CPVW.

CPVW’s current leadership:

  • Mr. Tanh Nguyen, President, a former official of South Vietnam’s union, now in Belgium
  • Mr. Trung Doan, Secretary, a leader of the Vietnamese community, in Melbourne, Australia
  • Mr. Thanh Tran, Vice President, a former official of the Vietnamese regimés yellow union, now in Poland
  • Mr. Bich Nguyen, Vice President, a former head of Radio Free Asia, in Virginia, USA
  • Ms. Ca Dao, Vice President, a human rights advocate in Paris, France

Funding sources: CPVW’s main funding source is donations by supporters. It also obtains project and in-kind support from Australia’s TWU (Transport Workers Union), and TCFUA (Textile Clothing Footwear Union of Australia).

Achievement In brief:

1. In Malaysia, we helped 20,000 workers get back about $50M USD. Details & images.

(Updated 24/5/2011 by CPVW: The number of 20 thousand workers was provided by Nike, as reported in the Oregon Live online newspaper’s news item of 02 August 2010, the contents of which are provided below. However, on 12th May 2011, in an email to a colleague of ours, Nike significantly revised this number by saying that there were only “approximately 8,5000″ workers in its Malaysian contract factories, and that Nike did not know how many of them were impacted by our advocacy in this case)

2. In Malaysia, we have encouraged some Vietnamese workers to join Malaysian unions.

3. In Vietnam, we exposed on national radio and consumer magazines in 10 European countries, the sacking of strike leaders by Ching Luh, a Nike factory. Details & images.

In Vietnam, we assist labor activists. In late October 2010, 3 of them were sentenced to up to 9 years for helping organise a strike. Details & images.


About CPVW – CPVW Major Achievements


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  1. Hi, my name is Linh Nguyen, I am writing concerning about joinning CPVW as a member or volunteer, I am living in USA but I was from Vietnam. I dont know who to contact with. Please give me some more information. Thank you very much.
    Linh Nguyen

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