The international union federation ITUC, the US’s AFL-CIO, Australia’s ACTU, Malaysia’s MTUC, and 9 other union federations have launched an online petition on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (trade) agreement to demand, among other things, “core labor rights“.

13 union federations' online petition on TPPPlease click here to sign it – Xin bam vao day de ky Khang Thu chong lai Thuong Uoc TPP.

The contents of the online petition, which will be sent to negotiators from all 12 countries negotiating the TPP:

I’m writing you to let you know that I’m joining working families throughout the world who are calling on you and other trade representatives to make sure the Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement puts people, not corporations, first.

A good TPP should put people first by respecting International Labor Organization core labor rights, protecting the environment, not allowing special rights to foreign investors to bypass local, state and national laws and promoting access to lifesaving medicines with fair patent rules.