The report below from the National News Agency of Malaysia, Bernama, says that last year, the Malaysian police force’s Secret Societies, Gaming and Anti-Vice Division arrested 12,434 prostitutes. Of these, “China nationals (5,165), Thais (2,009), Indonesians (1,418), Filipinos (845) Indians (139), Myanmars (114), Uzbekistan nationals (70) and Cambodians (70)”. Vietnamese nationals, at 3,456 arrests, make up the second highest – an increase of almost 2,200 from the previous year.

It is not clear from the report what month the year period started and ended.

Factory workers among prostitutes

Based on interviewing some prostitutes in recent years, we at the Committee to Protect Vietnamese Workers know that among prostitutes are a number of reluctant and abused workers. Thrown out by employers who owe them wages and who would not return their passports, workers are unable to return home. Some workers then turn to illegal activities including prostitution and petty crimes.

image_thumb.pngFor more information on the practice of confiscating passport, click on the photo. It will show you a Youtube video from Australia’s TV Channel 7 which in 2008 worked with us in an undercover investigation of Nike supplier factories using human-trafficked workers.


Vietnamese Prostitutes Dominate Flesh Trade In Malaysia

By Nur Natasha Aida Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR, July 16 (Bernama) — Vietnamese women topped the list of foreign prostitutes fleshing out a living in the country last year.

This is based on the arrest of 3,456 Vietnamese from the 12,434 foreigners picked up for prostitution nationwide.

According to the police, the arrest of the Vietnamese might be an indication they were dominating the flesh trade in Malaysia.

The number of Vietnamese women arrested had increased by 2,196 cases, as compared to the previous year, said Bukit Aman’s Secret Societies, Gaming and Anti-Vice Division principal assistant director Datuk Abdul Jalil Hassan.

He said most of the Vietnamese prostitutes usually carried out their activities at nightclubs, karaoke lounges and massage parlors.

“Their attitude in not being too demanding, in terms of payment, make them the ideal choice. For example, if they were told to serve drinks to customers, the customers would merely give tips for the service, without additional tips if the women were asked to sit and join them.

“The same goes for sexual service. If they were paid RM100 for the ‘body-to- body’ massage, the payment is treated as a ‘one-off’, even if the customer asks to have sex,” he said.

Abdul Jalil said apart from Vietnamese women, the police also picked up China nationals (5,165), Thais (2,009), Indonesians (1,418), Filipinos (845) Indians (139), Myanmars (114), Uzbekistan nationals (70) and Cambodians (70).

Other foreigners involved in prostitution were from Bangladesh, Laos, Uganda, Nigeria, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Morocco, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Singapore, Hong Kong, Russia and Canada.

Abdul Jalil said the police also carried out 42,788 raids to combat prostitution with the highest number of raids in Johor (8,749), followed by Kuala Lumpur (8,620), Selangor (6,663) and Perak (5,426).