[CPVW protectVietworkers.com 08/5/2013] In its Submission lodged yesterday with the Senate Inquiry into Australia’s “Class 457” visas for overseas workers, CPVW provided evidence of unethical and illegal activities of Vietnam’s state-owned recruiment agencies, and made recommendations to prevent abuses and to empower workers.


CPVW recommended to the Inquiry by the Senate Legislation & Constitutional Affairs Standing Committee that:

  • employers be required to fully reimburse workers all amounts recruitment agencies charge workers. 
  • if 457-visa workers lose their job because they speak up about recruitment agencies’ or employers’ wrongs, they should be given time to find alternative employment
  • soon after arrival in Australia, induct 457-visa workers with information on their rights under Australian laws, including in their own language
  • also show them how to exercise their rights, to turn the above information into actionable knowledge
  • unions be allowed access to workers for the above purposes
  • there be a presumption against an employer if, within a short time before seeking 457 visas, it had laid off staff, or restructured resuting in vacancies


Most of Vietnam’s recuitment agencies are owned by ministries, party officials, or their associates. Many confiscate workers’ passports, a tactic amounting to the human-trafficking crime.

Many also engage in unethical and sometimes illegal conduct. CPVW’s Submission contains copies from a contract with Vilexim (owned by Vietnam’s Industry & Commerce Ministry) which tells exported workers that they must not strike or join local unions. It even forbids workers to marry locals, or engage in a relationship with anyone, whether heterosexual or homosexual.

CPVW is a member of Viet Labor, an alliance of labor-rights groups in and outside of Vietnam. Our protectVietworkers.com is in English, the baovelaodong.com and laodongViet.org are mostly in Vietnamese.

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