At least hundreds of kids and 40,000 people are forced laborers in the Vietnamese authorities’ “drug rehab” centres, beaten with electrical batons if they refuse to work. PLEASE HELP RESCUE THEM.

ILLUS When we resist, officers hit us with 1-metre long wooden truncheonsRehab is just a facade – as Human Rights Watch reported last week, rehab consists of forced labor and chanting “Healthy”. Officials statistics show that 80-95% are or remain drug users after release.

Click here to tell Australia, the US, New Zealand etc.: Don’t sign the TransPacific [free trade] Partnership with Hanoi unless it frees the victims and pays them compensation.

Some of what former detainees told HRW, and Radio Free Asia:

– There were some boys 16 and 17. They were treated exactly the same as adults. If you refused to work you were beaten;

– The staff beat me on the arm and back with a truncheon.. Then I went to the punishment room..I was kept there for three months and seven days;

– When we resist, officers hit us with 1-metre long wooden truncheons, it’s normal for them to break our arms and legs. Then they put us in isolation rooms, tie our legs, and ration water to keep us thirsty all the time.

MORE INFORMATION: Download HRW’s 127-page report, and a 4-page summary by us.