Today, 21st December 2010, CPVW Secretary Trung Doan wrote to Ms. Ged Kearney, President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, to inform her of the outcomes of his 16/12/2010 meeting with the ACTU’s overseas aid body, APHEDA.

There, APHEDA’s Executive Officer and the International Programs Manager informed CPVW that APHEDA was unable to take the 3 actions asked of it by the ACTU’s 01/12/2010 Resolution, namely to visit the families of the 3 labor advocates recently sentenced to up to 9 years in prison for organising a strike, ask permission to visit them in prison, and consider what other action should be taken. In light of this, our letter expressed the hope that the ACTU would consider alternatives to APHEDA.

Our letter, of course, started by thanking the ACTU for this Resolution. And we informed the President that thanks to the ACTU website informing its visitors of the plight of Chuong-Hung-Hanh, many Australian unionists have clicked on its “Get Involved” link to take part in LabourStart’s online campaign protesting the imprisonment of Chuong-Hung-Hanh.